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Genealogy Names we are working on include Albrecht, Bekebrede, Buddenhagen, Böhlke, Feldmann, Flötmann, Golnitz, Haas, Hammer,Harding

, Hasenwinkel, Hausmann, Hink, Hofmann, Kolpin, Mahler, Oelschlegel, Poser, Rowe, Schnell, Sievers, Sylvester, Tegeler, Tonjes, and Wendt

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The Sylvester book is now available - 426 pages of history, stories and pictures - including my great grandparents Beckebrede, Feldmann, Poser and Sylvester and my copyrighted version of the log of the voyage of the Olbers in 1836 from Bremen to New Orleans. My cost for printing and binding including prep is $25 US which is all I am charging family members. If you want a copy Please email us. The cost of shipping is normally less than $5 in the USA and about $10 to Germany. Our mailing address is 7262 E Edward Dr. Tucson, Arizona 85730  (ckhofmann@msn.com) The Hofmann book is also now available (March 2008) Click here for information about it and how to order.

We are Karen nee Buddenhagen and Charles Hofmann and both retired now and living in Tucson, Arizona. Here is the Wappen for Lutherstadt we received while visiting there a 1997. Information about our Lutheran Church, Fountain of Life Lutheran when the in Tucson area. Our hobby is to do our family genealogy and help others with theirs. If you are researching any of the names we have listed, we would like to hear from you and share any common links. We have successfully located most of the ancestral homes in Europe of our Great Grandparents and now frequently visit with our relatives there. Our e-mail address is (ckhofmann@msn.com)

Click here to read about some German Christmas traditions in Württemberg. Click here to see a little about Bremen and Bremerhaven. Click here if you would like to access the German Church Calendar including the old Latin names for the Church in Wilstedt, Gemeide Fischerhude near Bremen.

Professions of some of the people who lived in Bremervörde in the 1700s. click here

Germans in Edam Holland Church books, click here

Look at the inside of a Heuerhaus in North Deutschland, click here to go and see it. The pictures are a little larger, so it may take a little longer to load. Also now added is some information about some of the cities our ancestors first landed, when they arrived from Europe and the Foreign Embassys that were available. Germany as we know it today, was not a single country, but many smaller countries and Hansa Stadts (Free trading cities) Click here to find out more.Now included the Church in Parum, Mecklenburg, click on "Karen" above. Also now an example of Gütsbesitzer and Tagelöhner houses in Mecklenburg and now the beautiful Schloß being restored there on Schwerin See, could be a duplicate of Storm Lake, Iowa. January/97. To read about the 1836 voyage of the ship Olbers that GrGrgrandfather sailed on, Click on "Charles" above and go to Bekebrede. The 1st Beckebrede or Bekebrede family we have found dates to the year 1302 in this area of Germany. Even if you have no interest in this name, you will find the trip interesting I think.

January 1997, new information on the Hausmann line also being added

Here we are in October 1996 in Osnabrück in Stadt center pointing to the famous Rathaus (Town Hall) where the peace treaty ending the 30 years war was signed. If you have the opportunity to visit here, the table that the treaty was signed on is in the main room to the left as you enter from this side, and there is a book on the table you can sign symbolically as well.

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Our research on the Bekebrede family in America takes us to Hahlen and Andorf Deutschland and the Church in Menslage about 10 KMs west of Quakenbrück in Hanover Province. Here is a little information regarding our Bekebrede family that came to America in the late 1830s via New Orleans to St. Charles, Missouri. Please note the name Bekebrede was spelled Beckebrede in Germany. The picture was taken of the Bekebrede House with the marriage inscription dated Anno, May 26, 1791 between Hermann Arndt Meyer itzo Bekebrede und Anna Maria Bekebrede. As Anna inherited the "Colona" or farm, her husband would take the born name from here.

Descendents of Johann Hermann Bekebrede

Fredricke Poser is the Daughter of Gerhard Heinrich Poser b: 18 December, 1828 in Westerkappeln, Germany and Maria Elisabeth Dahmann b: 31 March, 1839 in Barkhausen bei Osnabrück, Germany. They were married in St. Charles, Missouri on 12 September 1857. A sister to Gerhard stayed in Germany when the rest of the family emmigrated to America. Her name is Maria Christine Herriette Poser b: 29 September, 1840 and she married Friedrich Wilhelm Hirschemoeller there on 20 February, 1868. A granddaughter and 2nd cousin to my grandmother Adele Bekebrede, Frieda Augusta Dueper married Gerhard Böhlke 3 July, 1935 in Westerkapplen, Germany. Her son, Gunter Böhlke is also doing Genealogy for the Böhlke family. His e-mail address is <gboehlke@surf2000.de>

Picture of my UrOpa Bekebrede and with me and the little girl who is my 2nd cousin, Janis Bekebrede daughter von Vernon Bekebrede. I think at this time neither of us were very interested in having our picture taken you all of you to see some years later, but for sure we had very important things we were interested in as you can see.

The parents of Henry Bekebrede were Annie Floatman and Herman Diedrich Bekebrede

My Uropa Henry Bekebrede born September 17, 1859 married Matilda Poser July 13, 1880 in St. Charles Missouri, His father Herman Diedrich was born in Germany and came to America with his parents at the age of 6. One of his brothers, Henry Bekebrede who married Annie Rudhouse was actually born at sea while they passed through the English Channel on their way to New Orlenas in America from Bremen



This is family picture of Heinrich Poser and Maria Dahmann. Mathilda Poser the wife of Henry Bekebrede is directly behind her mother. Heinrich was a very successful wagon maker in St. Charles, Missouri and the brick factory and small house that he build and used still stand on Clay Street there. He was a blacksmith by trade prior to coming to America along with his father. The gate to the Freihof (Cemetery) for the city of Westerkappeln was built by Heinrich Poser prior to coming to America and still is used today.

Here is a close up from the above picture of Matilda Poser and her mother. The picture was apparently taken in their living room in St. Charles. If you would like to see the picture of the Stadtfriedhof (city cemetery) Tor (gate), click on it. A picture of me and my uncle, actually my 3rd cousin Gunter Böhlke and myself are the die Menchen da. Interestingly one of the ancestors to our common great grandparents who also immigrated to America from the family Schroer was a minister in the United Church of Christ, and is today retired in Tucson, Arizona. Today we are friends having met researching our same common ancestors at the local Family History Center. Small World. If you would like to see a few pictures of what I now believe to be the ancestral home of the Poser family in Weide, Thüringer, Click here


Descendents of Claus Sylvester aus Oerel, Hannover Kingdom

The 1st Sylvester we have record of in our direct line is Claus Sylvester born about April, 1750 in Oederquart north of Stade. The family tradition had been that maybe they came from England, but this is for sure confused with the fact that the King of England and the King of Hannover was the same person. He married Margaretha Wiesen born September 18, 1750 in Oehrel jetzt Oerel. They married in the church in Oederquart, so we now must assume she was working as a Magd in the area at the time. They had 6 children that are recorded in the Oerel Protestant Church books. The 1st was born August 8, 1788. Claus died April 10, 1812 at the age of 62 years and Margaretha died February 23, 1819 at the age of 66 years, both in Oerel.



Abstammen von Paul Feldmann und Anna Wüpper die Seefischer familie aus Finkenwerden bei Hamburg am die Elbe

This is house # 5 possibly the house that the Children of Paul and Anna were born and raised in. Paul Feldmann was married 3 times, 1st to Gesche Lindemann, 2nd to Gesche Dierichs, and finally in 1689 to Anna Wüpper who all his descendents come from. My Uropa Paul Feldmann (beruf Schiffer) was their 3rd great grandson

The Feldmann area is under construction


Descendants of Leonhard Hofmann aus Bernhardsweiler, Wurtenburg DEU

My Great grandfather Georg Martin Hofmann was born in Bernhardsweiler and then immigrated to America in about 1882 where he married Maria Hausmann also born in Deutschland in the Stadt or Dorf of Reichlos. Georg became the head brewer in New Orleans for at least 3 years from 1897 bis 1899 and was employed at the Southern Brewery Company during this time. He was a member of the Trinity Lutheran Church in Algiers, New Orleans, Louisiana and a member of the local Masonic Lodge there. One of his sons, Henry Hofmann, my grandfather was employed by the Illinois Central Railroad as an Electrician. He was also a Lutheran and member of the Masonic Lodge until his death in 1966. My father was his oldest son, Reverend Elderd Lowell Henry Hofmann graduating from the Missouri Synod Lutheran Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri in 1937. He Married Fanita Alma Selma Sylvester born in Salt Pond Township, Saline County, Missouri and raised at Harvester, Missouri and they had 4 children, of which I am the oldest.

Below is another picture of Georg Martin Hofmann my Great Grandfather who married Maria Hausmann in New Orleans where they lived and raised their family. He was a very successful beer brewer at the Southern Brewery in Algiers. I am assuming he learned his trade in Bernhardsweiler near Crailsheim, Württemberg Deutschland, where I am told there were 2 breweries when he was young.

HOFMANN ministers in America

Several of the children of the Hofmann immigants from Bernhardsweiler became Ministers in America. They were my father, Reverend Eldred Hofmann (Lutheran), his uncle Karl Hofmann (Lutheran), and a 2nd cousin to my father, James Hofmann (Epispical) My father served churches in the LCA, American, Wisconson, and in later years Missouri Synods. His first professional job however after graduating from the Seminary was a college professor in Jasper Alabama where I was born. In this time there were more young men studying for the ministry than there was churches to place them, so it was not unusual to have to wait a year or more for the 1st call.

It should be noted that many men with the name Hofmann are recorded as pfarrer's in the records near Crailsheim, and I first saw the profession "heiligenpfleger" in the church books for Wildenstein of ancestors to my GrGrGrandfather. This was a sort of church worker, perhaps besides keeping the grounds and building like a trustee of today, may have also be somewhat like a deacon.

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Descendants of Andreas Hausmann aus Flechenbach und Catharina Rupp oder Repp both born about 1785

Maria Hausmann is my Great Grandmother who immigrated to New Orleans, Louisiana, America in about 1882 from Reichlos Hessen, Germany. There are very few pictures available of her, and the only picture of her with her husband is of such poor quality it is not displayable here. Maria also had a cousin who immigrated to Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi very near New Orleans, Louisiana in America. More information on the Hausmann family will be added under Charles Hofmanns ansestors.

Andreas Hausmann and Catharina Rupp oder Repp had 4 children, Ehrhard, Anton Andreas, Christoph, and Anna Sibylla born between 1805 and 1812. Christoph Hausmann Married Elisabeth Catharina Dittermann in Reichlos bei Freiensteinau. The oldest child Erhard Hausmann born January 18, 1836 , died November 11, 1895, and on May 1, 1862 married Maria Fischer born September 18, 1833 died September 10, 1906 aus Metzlos Gehaag auch nähe Freiensteinau. The first Fischer we find documented in the area is Henne Fischer son of Ritter "Knight" Hermann von Schloss Eisenbach in 1429. Later in 1605 we find Hermann Fischer as the Zeitgraf zu Lauterbach "Local Duke" which appears to be a direct connection to Maria Fischer here. To see a picture of the Schloss go to Charles's genealogy. Erhard and Maria had at least 4 children, Maria, Kasper, Johannes, and Anna. Maria was by Great Grandmother who married Georg Martin Hofmann in New Orleans.




Descendents of Samuel J. Harding and Matilda Oelschlegel

The above pictures are of Samuel J. Harding and Matilda Oelschlegel by Great Grandparents. Matilda was 1st married to Robert Albrecht a native of Switzerland and had 6 children from this 1st marriage. She then married Samuel J. Harding and had 6 more children of whom my grandmother Gertrude Harding is one of her children. Both of these marriages took place in New Orleans in the area know as Algiers. Matilda was born in Germany in 1856 and her mothers maiden name was Haas and by family tradition she came for a small town near Hof..

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Harding Early Marriages in Jefferson Cty, Kentucky

HARDING - Jefferson County Kentucky Marriage Records FHC Film # 0482706 Book # 1 Page# followed by name 74 Jonathon Harding married Lucy Withode January 16, 1813 the daughter of John Wilholte whose consent is proven. Performed January 28, 1813 by James Vance. 69 Nancy Harding married Edwumd Sale April 8, 1811, noted Harding consent given. Performed by John Hite April 11, 1811. 87 Alexander Harding married Louisa Hite daughter of John Hite and consent given 25 March 1816, performed by Delanio or Benjamin Adams March 28, 1816. 82 Ann Harding married Wm. H. Thornton April 18, 1814. Sarah Harding consent proved, February 2, 1815 License. Performed by Ben Allen 101 Elizabeth Harding married Wm. H. Barkem January 6, 1819. Daughter of Sarah Harding, consent proved. Performed 7 January, 1819 by B. Allen. 148 Ben Harding married Eliza Swindler 22 November, 1823, the daughter of Ripe Swindler who has consented there to in person. Performed November 27, 1823 by Isace E. Holt. 172 Edward G. Harding married Ann Lewis June 1, 1826 the daughter of James Lewis whose consent is given in person. Performed June 1, 1826 by Isaac E. Holt. 44 Nancy Harding married Casper Young - May 26, 1803 performed by W. Kevenaugh 30 Nancy Harding married Henry Netherton - May 15, 1798 performed by Jacob Duntor 59 William Harding married Body Willhite daughter of James? Willhite December 30, 1807 Book # 2 13 Albert G. Harding married Flora N. E. Miggenton September 1, 1827 the daughter of James Miggenton whose concent is certified. 13 William Harding married Mary Ann Venibly July 26, 1827 the daughter of Jacob Venibly who consents. 32 Solomon Harding married Susan Taylor April 26, 1829 the daughter of Benjamin Taylor deceased, she of lawful age. Performed by Peter Akers. 37 Anna Harding married David B. Phillips August 13, 1829 widow of Edward Greenberry Harding deceased. Performed by Daniel C. Banks August 13, 1829. 103 Honora Harding married Thomas Kelley February 26, 1833. He said Honora being the daughter of Henry Harding deceased and of Ellen Harding whose consent was proved. Performed by Rob. A. Abel 103 James Allen Hardin not Harding married Mary Ann Lucinda Elston February 25, 1833. He said Mary Ann Lucinda Elston being the daughter of Mary Bell late Elston who has certified her consent Performed by Benjamin Allen February 27, 1833. 144 Rebecca W. Harding married George H. Jones December 29, 1834. She is the daughter of Vachel Harding who consents hereto in writing. 142 Harriet Harding married William Norton December 8, 1834. She is the daughter of Vachel Harding and of lawful age. Performed December 9, 1834 by Robt. A. Abell. 135 Vachel M. D. Harding (This is I believe the grandfather of my GrGrgrandfather Thomas Harding and his 2nd marriage) married Elizabeth Ann Brown July 23, 1834. He said Elizabeth being of full age and the daughter of James Brown and Priscilla Brown. Performed 25 July, 1834 133 Davis R. Harding married Susan Kondall June 23, 1834, she being the daughter of Rowzey Kondall and of lawful age. Performed June 24, 1834 by Edw Stevenson. 158 Otho W. Harding married Milly Harrison August 26, 1835 the said Millly being the daughter of William Harrison whose consent is certified. Performed August 27, 1835 by Henry McHughes. 187 Samuel Harding married Sarah Wilkinson September 3, 1836. The said Sarah being the widow of William Wilkenson deceased. Performed September 3, 1836 by Dan C Bantes. 95 Almyra Row married George McCumbery August 3, 1832. She is the daughter of Thunsa Row, Row widow who consents. 146 Mildred Roe married John Duncan January 30, 1835. She is the widow of Procer Roe deceased. Performed by Jos. G. Ward February 1, 1835. Book # 3 (not indexed) 33 Mary Roe married Thomas Baker March 20, 1838. The daughter of Isaac Roe deceased and of lawful age as proved by the oath of Elizabeth Roe. Performed March 20, 1838 by Wm. Jarguar.

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Updated November 2003 with updated and corrected information.

I am Karen nee Buddenhagen Hofmann daughter of John (Johann Heinrich Simon) Buddenhagen and Florence Mahler. John Buddenhagen (born in Afton Township, Cherokee County, Iowa) son of Wilhelm Buddenhagen, born in Will County, Illinois. Wilhelm's father was Friedrich Christian Christoph Georg Buddenhagen born in Toitenwinkel, Mecklenburg Schwerin, Germany. He moved to Liessow and married Friederika Sophia Maria Wendt from Recknitz, Mecklenburg Germany. Their first child a daughter named Maria Caroline Elisabeth Buddenhagen, was born there before immigrating at the age of 6 months May, 1867, first to Will County, Illinois then settling near Cherokee, Iowa. Friederike Wendt's parents came with her to America and are buried in Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery in Afton Township near Aurelia, Iowa.



Descendants of Carl Ludwig Tegeler oder Mahler aus Minden DEU

My mother Florence nee Mahler Buddenhagen's great grandfather was Carl Ludwig Tegeler oder Mahler and her great grandmother was Lydia Friederika Augusta Brammeier auch aus Minden. Her grandparents were Friedrich Wilhelm Mahler born in 1852 in Isenstedt bei Minden, died in 1927 in Wall Lake, Iowa, and Mary Magdalene Schnell born in 1858 in Bureau County, Illinois and died in May 1936 also in Wall Lake, Iowa. Her parents were Friedrich August Theodor Mahler born in 1880 in Kellogg, Iowa, died in 1947 in Alta, Iowa, and Sophia Maria Hesenwinkel born in 1886 in Aurelia, Iowa and died in 1978 in Aurelia, Cherokee County, Iowa.



Descendants of Paschen Friedrich Sr. Schnell aus Rogetz Mecklenburg DEU 1699-1772

Paschen Friederich Sr. Schnell was my (Karen) 7th Great Grandfather and I am descended from His Son Paschen Friederich Jr. Schnell 1723 - 1812 zu Sutow Mecklenburg and Anna Elisabeth Schroeder 1724 - 1808 zu Rogetz. Other names of the wives in my line from the Schnell are: Münsters, Viehsteadt, Paschen, Ahrens, and Mahler


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