The Hofmann Book represents more than 15 years of research of the ancestors and family of my father's ancestors. It is 440 pages with hundreds of pictures and original records. The ancestors of my father that I follow are Hofmann, Harding, Oelschlegel and Hausmann. The Hofmann ancestors I have documented in Germany into the early 1500s. The Oelschlegel and Hausmann families to the early 1600s, and Harding to about 1800. To order the book, I am charging what it cost me to print and bind including the drafts which is $25. The mailing cost continues to rise so I now am charging $5 per book for this making the total $30 per book. The shipping is at book rate in the USA. I would have to check with the post office for a price to ship to Germany or if you wanted it shipped another way. Our address is: Charles Hofmann, 7263 E Edward Dr. Tucson, Arizona 85730. We will only ship a book which we have a limited supply of after receiving your check